Summer Reminders for Business Owners

Dear Client,

As summer approaches, we'd like to provide you with some reminders to help keep your business on track (and hopefully save you some time at the end of the year).

  • 1099’s: Have you paid any individuals/businesses in 2021 that may end up needing a 1099? This may include those you’ve paid for non-employee labor/services, individuals with small businesses that you’ve contracted with, or business rent. If so, please send us a completed W9 for those individuals/businesses. Click here if you need a copy of Form W-9.

  • Health Insurance: Are you an S-Corp owner who is paying for health insurance premiums out of pocket? If yes, and you haven’t already submitted information to us regarding your health insurance costs, please do so.

  • Vehicle/Equipment Purchases: Have you purchased any vehicles or other equipment for business use this year? If so, please provide us with a purchase agreement or settlement statement.

  • Business Expenses: Are all of your business expenses being paid out of your business account? If not, this is a good time to switch these expenses over to your business account.

  • QuickBooks Consulting: Do you need help with using QuickBooks to invoice customers, receive payments, view reports, etc.? If so, please inquire about opportunities to consult with us.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

 Thank you,

CPA Solutions Team